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Moyindau at Pik Lenin, Kyrgyzstan, (from left to right) Susanna Mendlow (cello), Ryan Ptasnik (drums), Alex Kreger (piano), Kevin Bene (sax)

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July 25, 2011


Sorry everybody for the long delay in posting.  Blogspot is inaccesible in China, and I thought also in Kyrgyzstan, but today I found an internet cafe where I could access it!  So here are a few pictures, and a more lengthy post will follow shortly.  Greetings from Bishkek!

 Ryan playing volleyball with locals in Dasht village, Badakhshan, Tajikistan

Ryan with flypaper at our guesthouse, Moynaq, Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan

Ryan, Beijing subway

 Outside 798 Art District, Beijing